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Topic-Related Math Workbooks for Kindergartens (age 5+)

These one-topic targeted worksheets are extremely helpful in addition to the main series “Learn to Count”.

You can use them together with any part of the series or separately to improve the child’s skills in the chosen topic.

Also, these targeted worksheets are helpful for repeating and consolidating acquired skills after the child finishes the main book series and prepare them for the smooth transition to the next level.

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With our workbooks “Learn to count” you can effectively and efficiently teach your 5 year old children to add and subtract.

Math Country

Learn to count (5+ y.o.)

Mathematics, as an academic subject, contains all the necessary prerequisites for the development of children’s cognitive abilities, forms and improves such forms of thinking as a comparison, analysis, and synthesis, develops the ability to generalize and specify, creates conditions for correction of memory, attention and other important mental functions.

All of these skills do not appear by themselves, you have to introduce these skills to the children and make sure kids have enough practice. To help you with that we created Math Country workbooks.
At the age of 5 children are actively developing their physical and cognitive abilities, while the game is still the main way of understanding the surrounding world. Based on this important fact, we want to introduce you to our series of workbooks “Learn to count”.

Using our workbooks children will learn to:

  • count objects and find its ordinal number in the set;
  • compare numbers and amounts of objects using the signs “>”, “<“, “=”, get used to terms equality and inequality, arrange numbers within 20; • understand and explain how two-digits numbers are formed, put numbers on the number line; • understand and explain the place value of a number; • solve simple addition and subtraction problems; • continue the given number sequence, find the missing element in a number sequence, find the rule of a number sequence; • skip-counting by 2, 5, or 10; • generalize and extend the properties of Whole numbers to the numbers greater than 20; • understand the meaning of the arithmetic operations addition and subtraction, reflect this on diagrams and in mathematical records using signs “>”, “<“, “=”;
  • perform addition and subtraction using the general method of adding/subtracting in parts (make a 10); perform addition using the commutative property of addition;
  • perform subtraction using knowledge of the composition of numbers from two terms and the relationship between addition and subtraction (within 20);

This series of workbooks wonderfully present such an important section as “Spatial relations and geometric figures”.
Using our workbooks children will learn to:
understand the meaning of words (left, right, top, bottom, etc.) that describe the position of an object on a plane and in space, follow the instructions describing the position of an object on a plane;
describe the relative position of objects on the plane and in the table: top left, middle right, or above, below, before, behind, between, etc.;
find objects (or parts of objects) in the surrounding world that have the shape of a polygon (triangle, quadrangle, etc.), or a circle;
recognize, name, depict geometric shapes (polygon, circle);
find similarities and differences between geometric shapes.
Although these workbooks contain tasks that develop skills that help to work with information. As a result, your child will learn:

  • read tables and diagrams;
  • determine the time on the analog clock to the nearest hour and record it;
  • build simple chains of logical reasoning;
  • determine the correct logical statements in relation to a particular picture and more.

Important section “Money” is presented in the last parts of our workbooks. At the age of 5, children get acquainted with the concept of “Money”, types of coins, and their denomination. We paid special attention to this topic.

Kindergarten Math Workbooks (age 5+)

Perfect Instructional Material for math kindergarten lesson plans. We already organized all materials and problems. All you need – is follow instructions.

For educators and parents who prefer a more traditional approach to teaching math, the “Learn to Count” workbooks offer a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for 5-year-olds. The series covers all essential counting topics at this age level, with each workbook divided into individual lessons accompanied by corresponding homework assignments.

The workbooks are structured to gradually increase in difficulty, starting with the most basic concepts and building upon them as the child progresses. This approach allows children to develop their counting skills incrementally, without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by overly complex material.

Our workbooks

Learning from our notebooks, children easily recognize and determine the types of coins, perform various operations with them (addition, subtraction), compare amounts of money represented by various combinations of coins.

Learn to count

Workbooks for 5+ years old “Learn to count”

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