Math classes in West Palm Beach

Have you ever noticed that almost all Russian kids, who had the opportunity to attend school in their native country, are really good at math? Do you ever wonder why it happens? It is not because these children are smarter, not because all Russians love math, not because these children are practicing math every day

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Mathematics + MA. Part 1 (8+ yo)

Mathematics + Mental Arithmetic with no struggle (8+ years old) Part 1: Quick Counting. Rounding. Place Values Main topics: Mental counting; Counting on the abacus; Addition & Subtraction (3 & 4 digit numbers); Place values (up to ten thousands); Even & odd numbers; Word problems; Rounding; Logical reasoning problems; Number patterns; Number sequences; Memory &

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Math + MA: Part 1

New workbook for 9+ years old “Math + MA: Part 1”. Main topics: Mental counting; Counting on the abacus; Multiplication and long division; Money problems; Time problems; Word problems; Inequalities; Variable equations; Order of operations; Fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers; Coordinate plane; Memory & logic training. Look inside to find out what kind of problems

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Logic and out of the box thinking: Part 3

Hello everyone! We want to share the latest update on our workbooks. We released the workbook “Logic and out of the box thinking: Part 3”. In this short video, you can see what kind of problems and exercises are there.Help your kid succeed!

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Workbooks “Entertaining Math” for 7-year-olds

Using our materials, kids learn important skills such as:

mental counting while solving math problems;
photographic memory and spatial orientation;
logical, critical, and analytical thinking;
the ability to concentrate and focus attention;
belief in their own ability to solve a problem (leads to greater self-esteem and being more focused on the result);

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