Math Test for First Graders

The diagnostic math test for first graders provides a comprehensive analysis of 6-year-old children’s mathematical skills. It helps identify areas that require improvement and topics that have been mastered.

This program offers parents an in-depth understanding of their child’s mathematical abilities, providing valuable insights to help guide their children’s progress.

As a student takes the online test, the program analyzes the results and identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the test results, the program generates a list of unique materials explicitly selected for the child to improve their mathematical skills.

Improve your child’s intelligence with Math Country

Test analysis

After taking the test, you will receive a detailed report showing how thoroughly the skills are formed for each math course section for six-year-old students. You can download the result by clicking the DOWNLOAD REPORT button.

Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive set of materials that should be used to improve the students’ mathematical abilities and bring them to automatism. The list of materials can be obtained by clicking the IMPROVE button.

Our program is uniquely designed to enhance your child’s learning skills. It does this by identifying the specific topics they find challenging and providing personalized materials to address these areas. This personalized approach ensures that the program is tailored to your child’s unique learning style and is aligned with school and common core standards.

Children can retake the tests multiple times and choose from different difficulty levels to improve their scores. This allows parents to easily keep track of their children’s progress and help them succeed in their studies.

Test Levels

We offer three levels of math tests for 1st graders: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

You can start with the beginner level and move to the advanced level during the school year. Also, if your child’s grades increase dramatically, we recommend moving to the next level.

The advanced level determines the students’ mathematical competence level and verifies whether they are prepared for math competitions.

The recommendations, accessible after passing the test, will allow you to create a strategy to prepare the student to participate in the Math Competitions at an excessive level.

math test for 1st graders question example

Captivating Questions

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Main Topics:

  1. Arithmetic operations: addition/subtraction (mental math)
  2. Arithmetic operations: addition/subtraction of two-digit numbers up to 100 (vertical addition/subtraction)
  3. Numbers and calculations: comparison
  4. Numbers and calculations: number digit and place values
  5. Numbers and arithmetic operations: finding the components of addition and subtraction
  6. Time
  7. Money
  8. Measurements: units of length
  9. Geometric figures and spatial relations

Instructional materials

Based on the test results, the program offers tailored materials essential for the student’s skill improvement. These materials are customized to the student’s unique characteristics and aligned with state standards.

Why take 1st grade math test?

Our main objective is to nurture the mathematical skills of each child. At this pivotal age, kids acquire and process fundamental mathematical knowledge, laying the foundation for crucial skills like logical, critical, and abstract thinking in the future.

To facilitate this development, our kindergarten math quiz identifies any weaknesses in a child’s math skills, allowing for timely intervention and correction.

Workbooks and worksheets

All topics of the mathematical curriculum for six-year-old students are presented in the series of books “Quick counting” (part 1 – part 5).
If your child requires specific attention on a particular topic, we offer Math practice worksheets to work on this skill.