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Addition, subtraction, comparing numbers and expressions up to 100, time, money, skip counting, shapes, Venn diagrams, and logic problems (Gifted and Talented). Mental math with abacus

Help children to learn kindergarten math with confidence!

This workbook contains exercises that develop children’s ability to add, subtract, and compare numbers up to 100, tell time on an analog clock, count money, improve skip-counting skills, continue different patterns, recognize shapes, use tally marks, solve word and logic problems, mental math with an abacus.

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Math Workbook for Kindergartens “Learn to Count” Part 6

Empower your young learners with confidence in math through our specially crafted workbooks. The “Learn to Count” series continues, offering enjoyable math activities for kindergarten.

With 10 lessons spread across 137 pages, our workbook ensures a thorough understanding. We include extra exercises in homework to make math stress-free and enjoyable for your little ones. This prepares them for a math-filled adventure!

Our unique method simplifies math for kids, making numbers and calculations more accessible. The workbook is filled with engaging counting activities for kindergarten.

The workbook helps young learners master addition and subtraction, grasp concepts like “greater-less-equal,” and even solve simple equations and inequalities. Children also learn to count on an abacus in three steps.

The workbook covers a range of skills and still keeps children focused on problem-solving. They progress from graphing patterns to notating numbers with tally marks and separating numbers into tenths and ones. It’s an all-in-one solution—no need to look for extra counting worksheets for kindergarten!

Moreover, we include advanced problems for curious minds, such as:

  • solving word problems;
  • counting money;
  • and telling time on an analog clock.

Going beyond the basics, the material introduces kids to problem-solving with picture graphs, familiarizes them with Venn diagrams, and tackles simple money-related challenges.

Common Core Math Standards:

  • K.CC.1; K.CC.2; K.CC.3; K.CC.4; K.CC.4a; K.CC.4b; K.CC.4c; K.CC.5; K.CC.6; K.CC.7;
  • K.OA.1; K.OA.2; K.OA.3; K.OA.4; K.OA.5;
  • K.NBT.1;
  • K.MD.1; K.MD.2;
  • K.G.1; K.G.2; K.G.3; K.G.4; K.G.5; K.G.6;

137 pages

5 reviews for Math Kindergarten Workbook. Learn to Count. Part 6

  1. Ellen S.

    Great workbook, my son loves it. Thanks to the authors.

  2. Kira Y.

    Bought this workbook for my daughter. We use it in any free time and like it very much. Thank you.

  3. Irina F.

    Great textbooks. Everything is logical, the tasks are clear, there are a lot of pictures. We really enjoy doing them.

  4. Anna T.

    All children are different. My eldest daughter (she is already 34 years old) hated math, but the youngest studied with pleasure. It is a pity that there were no such workbooks then. For a 5-year-old this is the best. I use it with my grandson, and he loves it. I am delighted. Thanks to the authors.

  5. Vera O.

    I really like all the books. We have been using them for a year now. It is convenient, the material becomes more complicated from one part to the other, the skills are easily acquired. Thank you.

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