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The math worksheets for 3rd and 4th grader cover identifying numerators and denominators, addition, subtraction, and comparison of decimals, as well as exploring equivalent fractions and real-life problem-solving. This workbook is a valuable classroom and home use tool, ensuring students develop proficiency and confidence in fundamental mathematical concepts.

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Decimal and Fraction Activities for 3rd and 4th graders

The math worksheets for 3rd and 4th grader cover various topics to help students master essential skills. The focus is on decimal and fraction activities, providing a structured and comprehensive set of problems to empower young learners. This workbook ensures a solid foundation in fractions and decimals, setting the stage for their future mathematical success.

Fractions Skills Building

Students learn the fundamentals of fractions, recognize types of fractions, and plot fractions on a number line. They also convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions, explore equivalent fractions, and simplify fractions. The workbook includes a wide range of problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions, including fractions with like and different denominators. These types of problems challenge students at a 3rd and 4th-grade level.

Children also learn and practice comparing and ordering fractions and understanding fractions as division. As a last step, students learn to multiply a fraction by a whole number using addition, which helps them understand and master this skill.

Decimals Skills Building

Students perform basic operations with decimals, such as addition and subtraction. They learn about decimal place values, compare decimals, and express them in word form. Also, children practice converting decimals into fractions, rounding decimals, and applying them in real-life scenarios through word problems. This practical approach ensures that the skills they learn are not just for the classroom but for life.

Covered Topics:

  1. Identify Numerators and Denominators
  2. Add and Subtract Decimals
  3. Add and Subtract Like Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  4. Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line
  5. Compare Fractions with the Same Numerators/Denominators
  6. Equivalent Fractions to 1/2
  7. Compare Fractions with 1/2
  8. Compare Decimals
  9. Represent the Whole Number as a Fraction
  10. Subtract Fractions from the Whole Number
  11. Fraction of a Set
  12. Fractions in Word Form
  13. Fraction and Decimal Word Problems

The Fractions and Decimals Activities for 3rd and 4th graders Worksheets support students’ learning and promote mathematical growth. Whether used in the classroom or at home, this versatile workbook equips students with the tools to excel in fractions and decimals, fostering mathematical mastery in 3rd graders.

Choosing this well-structured and thoughtfully designed resource provides a learning tool and empowers your child for success. This workbook adapts to any learning environment, making it a powerful tool in your child’s educational journey.

157 pages

Common Core Math Standards:

  • 3.NF.1; 3.NF.2; 3.NF.2a; 3.NF.2b; 3.NF.3; 3.NF.3a; 3.NF.3b; 3.NF.3c; 3.NF.3d;
  • 4.NF.1; 4.NF.2; 4.NF.3; 4.NF.3a; 4.NF.3b; 4.NF.3c; 4.NF.3d; 4.NF.4; 4.NF.4a; 4.NF.4b; 4.NF.4c; 4.NF.5; 4.NF.6; 4.NF.7;

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  1. Ninel

    Absolutely love this fractions textbook! It’s been a game-changer for my understanding of fractions. The explanations are clear, the examples are helpful, and the exercises really reinforce the concepts. Whether you’re a student struggling with fractions or a parent looking for a resource to help your child, I highly recommend this textbook. It’s made learning fractions a much more enjoyable and manageable experience for me!

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