Preschool Math Workbooks (ages 3-4)

With our workbooks “Learning Numbers” you can effectively and efficiently teach your 3-4 year old children.

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Learning Numbers (3-4 y.o.)

Mathematics, as an academic subject, contains all the necessary prerequisites for the development of children’s cognitive abilities, forms and improves such forms of thinking as a comparison, analysis, and synthesis, develops the ability to generalize and specify, creates conditions for correction of memory, attention and other important mental functions.

At the age of 3-4 years, children actively explore the world and ask many questions. This is a very suitable age to start introducing a child to mathematics. Children learn to distinguish and write numbers, establish a relationship between a number and the number of objects that this number denotes, form such important concepts as addition and subtraction, and learn to write them using mathematical symbols.

However, the main emphasis should be placed not so much on obtaining new knowledge, but on developing an interest in the subject. The child must learn to find similarities and differences between objects, count objects and write down this amount using an appropriate number (up to 10), increase/decrease the number of objects by 1 or 2, and establish connections between objects and forms.

Workbooks for 3-4 years old “Learning Numbers”

Number 1&2

Number 3&4

Number 5&6

Number 7&8

Number 9&0

Number 10

4+ Part 1