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Tens and Ones Worksheets for Kindergartens and Preschoolers (Ages 5+)

Place Value, skip-counting patterns: Kindergarten Math Worksheets PDF or hard copy

Children learn to distinguish between digits and numbers using two-digit numbers. They learn to compose and note two-digit numbers and decompose the two-digit numbers into tens and ones.

Additionally, children learn to recognize number sequences and fill in their missing elements.

25 pages


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Tens and Ones Worksheets Kindergarten

Our Place Value Tens and Ones Worksheets help young learners master this crucial skill easily. Also, we include skip-counting patterns in these worksheets. The kindergarten math worksheets are now available in PDF or hard copy format.

Once children master counting up to 10, arranging and comparing numbers, they progress to learning two-digit numbers. This includes placing them on a number line, comparing and understanding the composition into tens and ones, and preparing them for operations with multi-digit numbers. Understanding place value aids in learning addition and subtraction with regrouping and prevents difficulties with multiplication and division.

Children also learn to recognize number sequences, find patterns, and fill in missing elements.

Common Core Math Standards:

  • K.NBT.1;
  • 1.NBT.2; 1.NBT.3; 1.NBT.4; 1.NBT.5; 1.NBT.6;

25 pages

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2 reviews for Place Value Tens and Ones Worksheets for PreK-K (Ages 5+)

  1. Mia

    I teach my daughter using these workbooks. Easy and interesting. I like them and recommend them to everyone.

  2. Valeria

    Learning from these workbooks. We are very satisfied. My son’s grades are improving.

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