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Addition, Subtraction, Comparing Numbers up to 30, Time, Skip-counting, Shapes, Measurements, Patterns, Tens and Ones, Logic Problems (Gifted and Talented), Mental Math with an Abacus

This workbook contains math activity for kindergarten that develop your child’s ability to add, subtract, compare, and order numbers up to 30 using a number line.

Kids learn different ways to make a number (up to 20), solve one-step problems, understand the relationship between the numbers, compare numbers, and increase / decrease a given number.

Although children repeat to skip-count by 2s, 5s, and 10s, find the same and different objects, find the distance between two points on a number line, solve simple time problems, write and solve equations and inequalities, and make number sequences.

In addition, the workbook has many exercises which help improve children’s memory and logic abilities.

107 pages

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Math Workbook for Kindergartens “Learn to Count” Part 4

If you teach kindergarten or want to homeschool kindergarten math, this workbook is perfect for you! Enjoyable learning for kids, it continues the “Learn to Count” series with fun math activities for kindergarten.

The workbook comprises 10 specially designed kindergarten math lessons and additional homework practice. Also, we packed the workbook with fun math activities for kindergarten to make the learning process easy and enjoyable!

Children learn and reinforce:

  • Addition and subtraction within 30
  • Using a number line to manipulate numbers
  • Solving one-step word problems
  • Creating problems based on given pictures
  • Consolidating greater-less-equal concepts
  • Ordering numbers
  • Identifying the largest and smallest numbers
  • Making, continuing, or finding missing elements in number sequences
  • Continuing growing patterns
  • Telling time on analog clocks
  • Solving simple time problems
  • Writing simple equations and inequalities
  • Getting familiar with measurements
  • Counting sides and angles of 2D shapes
  • Turning words into math equations
  • Learning place values (ones and tens)
  • Understanding ordinal numbers

The above information highlights the workbook’s value for both teachers and parents who homeschool kindergarten math.

Also covering:

  • Ways to make a number (or number bonds)
  • Skip-counting forward and backward by 2s, 5s, 10s
  • Finding the distance between two points on a number line
  • Identifying same and different objects
  • Working with two-dimensional shapes

Children enhance their skills by writing and dialing numbers on an abacus, mastering counting in three or more steps.

The workbook has funny pictures and interesting tasks, helpful for teachers and parents new to homeschooling math for kindergarteners. These elements cultivate positive motivation, actively promoting the development of children’s logic, memory, attention, and intelligence.

107 pages

4 reviews for Math Kindergarten Workbook. Learn to Count. Part 4

  1. Julia C.

    Great series!!! I bought my first notebook for my granddaughter when she was 3 years old. After a couple of lessons she could not go further. I put it aside until she grows up. I researched and tried different methods. Periodically we were returning to this workbook but did not succeed. The time has passed until she is 4.5, and here she goes!!! We use it every 3-5 days, depending on the mood. Now this are our favorite math books!

  2. Clara H.

    I think this textbooks are brilliant! My eldest daughter studied by it from the age of 3, now she is in the 3rd grade and still considers these textbooks ideal. Not once during the entire time of studying she need the help of a tutor.

  3. Eva G.

    Books are great and a good quality. Recommended.

  4. Tiana

    Perfect worksheets set for homeschooling.

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