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Find a Missing Number in an Equation: Kindergarten math worksheets pdf or hard copy

The primary purpose of the worksheets is to introduce children to the concept of “equation,” form the ability to solve an equation based on the relationship between a whole and its parts, find a solution to an equation, equalize sets, and consolidate computational skills within 20.

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Number Bonds, Fact Family

Engage with our kindergarten number bonds worksheets to empower children in grasping the concepts of “equation” and “solving an equation.” The kindergarten math worksheets are available in PDF or hard copy format.

These resources guide children in discovering solutions to provided equations and distinguishing between true and false ones.

Acquiring this crucial skill lays the foundation for problem-solving and understanding mathematical expressions, inequalities, and equations. Explore the world of number bonds in kindergarten with our specialized worksheets, fostering essential math skills interactively and educationally.

The key topics of Number Bonds for Kindergarten

  • Number bonds or Composition of a number;
  • Make a simple equation with pictures;
  • Make a simple equation using a number line;
  • Insert a correct number to make true equations.

Whether used in school or at home, these resources are available in hard copy and PDF versions, ensuring accessibility and convenience for effective learning.

Common Core Math Standards:

  • K.CC.5; K.CC.6; K.CC.7;
  • K.OA.1; K.OA.2; K.OA.3; K.OA.4; K.OA.5;
  • 1.OA.3; 1.OA.4; 1.OA.5; 1.OA.6; 1.OA.7; 1.OA.8;
  • K.NBT.1;
  • 1.NBT.2; 1.NBT.3;

64 pages

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2 reviews for Number Bonds and Equations. Math Worksheets for PreK-K

  1. Samantha

    I use it to teach my daughter. Easy and interesting. I like it and recommend it to everyone.

  2. Laura

    My children are delighted with these worksheets, they study 2-3 times a week. Easy, understandable, affordable, and, most importantly, it is not boring!

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