Diagnostic Math Tests for Kindergarten

This diagnostic kindergarten math test is designed for 5-year-old children, revealing areas for improvement and topics they have mastered.

As a result, you get a detailed analysis of the student’s mathematical abilities.

As a child takes the online test, the program analyzes the results and identifies the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the test results, the program generates a list of unique materials selected specifically for your child to improve his/her mathematical skills.

Improve your child’s intelligence with Math Country.

Test analysis

Upon completing the test, you’ll receive a detailed report showcasing the proficiency level in each section of the kindergarten math curriculum. To access and print the full diagnostic result, simply click the DOWNLOAD button.

Furthermore, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive set of materials intended to enhance your child’s mathematical abilities and establish automaticity. Click the IMPROVE button to view the list of materials provided.

Test Levels

We offer 3 levels of testing: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
The Advanced level determines the level of the child’s mathematical competence and verifies whether he or she is prepared for Math Competitions.
The recommendations, accessible after passing the test, will allow you to create a strategy to prepare the child to participate in Math Competitions at an excessive level.

Captivating Questions

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Main Topics of Kindergarten Math Test

  1. Arithmetic operations: Addition
  2. Arithmetic operations: Subtraction
  3. Numbers and calculations: Order of numbers on the number line
  4. Arithmetic operations: finding the components of addition and subtraction
  5. Numbers and calculations: Comparison
  6. Numbers and calculation: Inequalities
  7. Spatial relations and geometric figures
  8. Skip-counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  9. Time
  10. Money

Instructional materials

The program analyzes the topics that students learn and identifies which topics need improvement. Based on the test results, the program offers tailored materials essential for students’ skill improvement. These materials are customized to students’ unique characteristics and aligned with state standards.

To follow the child’s progress, you can test them as often as possible and provide them with an answer key. Children can take tests as many times as they need and use the answer key to understand where they went wrong and improve their understanding of the topic.

Why should you take the Kindergarten Math Test?

Our main objective is to nurture the mathematical skills of 5-year-old children. At this pivotal age, kids acquire and process fundamental mathematical knowledge, laying the foundation for crucial skills like logical, critical, and abstract thinking in the future.

To facilitate this development, our kindergarten math quiz identifies any weaknesses in a child’s math skills, allowing for timely intervention and correction.

Workbooks and worksheets

All topics of the mathematical curriculum for five-year-old children are presented in the series of books “Learn to count” (part 1 – part 6).
If your child requires specific attention on a particular topic, we offer Math practice worksheets to work on this skill.