Two Step Word Problems. Math Worksheets grade 2 (age 7+)

Two Step Word Problems. Math Worksheets grade 2 (age 7+)

Two Step Word Problems. Math Worksheets grade 2 (age 7+)


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Word Problems Worksheet for 2nd graders

These worksheets provide a huge number of two-step addition and subtraction problems for second-graders. The set includes addition and subtraction of one and two-digit numbers (with and without regrouping). Some problems have extra information.

25 pages

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Two Step Word Problems

This set of two step addition and subtraction word problems is good for 2nd and 3rd grades. It helps children to apply their math skills to real-world situations. This is a must have worksheets for 2nd graders.

The main focus of this workbook is not to make calculations difficult, but teach children to read and understand the word problems and write it using math symbols. This kind of activity helps children to improve their reading and analytical skills, as well as build higher-order thinking, critical problem-solving, and reasoning skills. 

This set of mixed addition and subtraction word problem worksheets provides students with such opportunities. Students have to figure out which operation to apply depending on the given situation. They have to break down the problemfind important information, and use the correct way to apply addition and subtraction. Some problems do have extra unrelated information.

116 problems, 25 pages

3 reviews for Two Step Word Problems. Math Worksheets grade 2 (age 7+)

  1. Ninel

    This excellent book allows children to develop word problem-solving skills.

  2. Alla

    My son solves problems and this really helps develop this skill. Thanks to the authors.

  3. Alla

    Very good book. Thanks to the authors.

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