Time. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)

Time. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)

Time. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)


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Our “Time” math worksheets for 7-year-olds help children practice reading analog clocks, telling time with 5-minute intervals, estimating time, and understanding time units.

They also learn to convert between units, read a calendar, and solve problems with elapsed time.

36 pages


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Time: analog clock, calendar, elapsed time, converting time units, word problems.

Our “Time” math worksheets are specially designed for 7-year-old children to master the essential skills of time measurement. At this age, children have already gained some familiarity with basic time units such as hours, minutes, days of the week, and months of the year.

With our worksheets, children have the opportunity to practice reading and recording time using analog clocks with an accuracy of 5 minutes. They repeat the days of the week and months of the year in their order and reinforce the skills of reading a calendar. Additionally, they learn to write the time in standard and word forms, which will be helpful for their future academic and practical needs.

Apart from these basic skills, children learn to solve problems with elapsed time, add and subtract time units, and convert time from one unit into another. These advanced skills help them in various real-life situations, such as scheduling their daily routines, timing their activities, and calculating their travel time.

With our “Time” math worksheets, children also improve their estimation skills and learn to recognize and convert different time units into each other. We believe that the right practice of these skills will enable children to perform better in mathematics and achieve their academic goals.

36 pages

3 reviews for Time. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)

  1. Lisa

    I can’t say enough good things about these time worksheets. They’re well-designed, engaging, and really effective. My grandson used to struggle with time, but now he can read a clock, estimate time, and convert time units with ease. He even enjoys doing the worksheets and asks for more! I’m impressed and grateful.

  2. Nataly

    These time worksheets are amazing! My 7-year-old daughter struggled with telling time and understanding different time units, but these worksheets have made a huge difference. The clear instructions and fun exercises make learning about time easy and enjoyable. Highly recommend!

  3. Olga

    As a homeschooling parent, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality educational resources. These time worksheets are top-notch! They cover all the essential skills and concepts related to time, and the layout is very user-friendly. My son loves working on them and has made great progress. Thank you!

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