2nd and 3rd Grade Measurement Worksheets

  • comparing liquid volume
  • estimating capacity
  • reading graduated cylinder
  • converting volume units
  • solving capacity word problems
  • customary and metric units
  • 24 pages


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Measuring Liquids Worksheet

This set of 2nd and 3rd-grade measurement worksheets focuses on measuring capacity. It includes problems in metric and customary units (gallons, pints, quarts, cups worksheet).

At the age of 7, children are already familiar with measuring and comparing capacity. They can determine which box or bottle can hold more and use capacity units like gallons or cups.

Our “Capacity Measurements” worksheets help children learn, practice, and reinforce their ability to measure the capacity of objects in customary and metric units. Kids also learn to measure the volume using graduated cylinders and estimate the capacity of objects.

In addition, students convert one capacity unit into another, find objects that can hold more or less, and solve capacity-related word problems.

24 pages

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