• 2d and 3d shapes
  • symmetry
  • spatial relation
  • 48 pages


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Shapes, Symmetry, Spatial Relations 1st and 2nd grades

Geometry, a crucial component of the elementary school mathematics course, plays a significant role in our understanding of the world around us. These geometry worksheets for first graders are designed to help children recognize two- and three-dimensional shapes, a skill that is fundamental to their mathematical development. The math worksheets for grade 1 are available in PDF or hard copy formats.

Children learn to count the sides and vertices of shapes, identify the figures from the picture or description, and compose and decompose two- and three-dimensional shapes.

The geometry for first graders worksheets include:

  • draw two-dimensional shapes;
  • recognize a range of 2D shapes – squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.;
  • identify and count sides and corners (2D shapes);
  • identify the right angle;
  • recognize a range of 3D shapes – spheres, cones, cubes, prisms, and pyramids;
  • identify and count faces, edges, and vertices (3D shapes);
  • compose and decompose 2D and 3D shapes;
  • find and continue a symmetry.

One of the main tasks of studying the geometric content in the elementary school mathematics course is to develop the students’ spatial imagination and the ability to observe, compare, generalize, and analyze.

The second important task is to form the students’ practical skills in measuring and constructing geometric shapes.

48 pages

Common Core Math Standards:

  • 1.G.1; 1.G.2; 1.G.3;
  • 2.G.1; 2.G.2; 2.G.3;

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