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Immerse your 9-year-old in a world of mathematical exploration with our comprehensive workbook. Packed with engaging exercises and fun activities, it covers crucial topics such as decimals, fractions, mixed numbers on a number line, equivalent fractions and decimals, prime factorization, GCF, area and perimeter, operations with integers, lines, rays, segments, and angles, and even logic problems.

This workbook is designed to enhance your child’s mathematical skills and foster a love for problem-solving.

10 lessons with homework to repeat, 96 pages.

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Math Workbook for 4th Grade. Part 4

Decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers on a number line. Equivalent fractions and decimals. Prime factorizing, GCF. Area and perimeter. Operations with integers. Lines, rays, segments, and angles. Logic problems

Prepare your 9-year-old for a remarkable mathematical journey with our math practice workbook. Developed by experienced educators, this comprehensive resource is designed to captivate young minds and enhance their mathematical prowess.

Key topics:

  • Mental counting drills
  • Multiplication of multi-digit numbers
  • Long division of multi-digit numbers with and without remainder
  • Factors and prime factorizing
  • GCF
  • Integers: positive and negative numbers, opposite values
  • Integers: addition and subtraction
  • Integers: multiplication
  • Order of operations
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Multiply fractions
  • Improper fractions and mixed number conversion
  • Add/subtract like and unlike fractions
  • Add/subtract mixed numbers
  • Convert mixed numbers into decimals
  • Convert decimals into mixed numbers
  • Add/subtract decimals
  • Equations with decimals
  • Word problems
  • Circle and circumference
  • Lines
  • Line segments
  • Rays
  • Angles: measuring and classifying
  • Area of compound shapes
  • Perimeter of compound shapes
  • Logic problems

In this workbook, your child will delve into the exciting world of decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers on a number line. They will develop a deep understanding of equivalent fractions and decimals, enabling them to confidently convert between the two. Our carefully crafted exercises will also introduce them to prime factorization and the concept of the greatest common factor (GCF), sharpening their critical thinking skills.

As your child progresses through the workbook, they will explore the fascinating realm of geometry. They will learn to calculate the area and perimeter of various shapes, developing spatial reasoning and analytical thinking. The workbook also covers lines, rays, segments, and angles, allowing your child to master the fundamental concepts of geometry and apply them to real-world scenarios.

To further enrich their mathematical experience, the workbook includes engaging logic problems. These puzzles will challenge your child’s reasoning abilities and encourage them to think outside the box, honing their problem-solving skills and fostering a love for logical thinking.

Our math practice workbook is thoughtfully structured, providing a balance between conceptual understanding and practical application. Each topic is presented in a clear and accessible manner, with step-by-step explanations and numerous examples to guide your child along the way. The workbook also offers a variety of exercises, allowing your child to practice and reinforce their newfound skills.

By actively engaging with the content of this workbook, your 9-year-old will build a solid foundation in key mathematical concepts. They will develop critical skills such as logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and spatial awareness. Moreover, their confidence in problem-solving will soar as they tackle challenging exercises and uncover the joy of mathematical exploration.

Invest in your child’s future and open the doors to a world of endless possibilities. Get them started on their math journey with our captivating practice workbook today.

10 lessons with homework to repeat, 96 pages.

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  1. Maya

    My son’s tutor has really enjoyed the organization of this book and how easy it is to direct my son as a student.

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