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This workbook contains exercises that develop children’s ability to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers, round numbers, and solve word and logical reasoning problems. Children learn to solve equations with variables and establish the order of operations and divisibility rules. The workbook has fractions problems: add and subtract fractions, find equivalent fractions, a fraction of a number, multiply fractions by a whole number, add/subtract mixed numbers, and draw fractions on a number line. Plus, children learn the beginning of geometry. The workbook contains many problems to improve multiplication and division skills and boost problem-solving skills.

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Math Workbook for 3rd Grade. Part 5

With the help of our workbook «Math and mental arithmetic 8+: Part 5» children clearly acquire the techniques for fast counting, counting with an abacus, solving word and logical reasoning problems, solve equations with variables.

Children learn to work with like and unlike fractions: compare unlike fractions, find equivalent fractions, graph fractions on a number line, multiply a fraction by a whole number, find a fraction of a number, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.

Plus, children rehearse and consolidate multiplications tables, sharpen multiplication and division skills, including long division with remainders, learn divisibility rules and order of operations, work with picture graphs, and round numbers up to 10,000 places. In addition, children learn the beginning of geometry: draw and name lines, line segments, and rays.

The colorful workbook and the style of providing exercises allow children to absorb the material easily and hassle-free. The workbook contains many unusual pictures and unusual tasks that create positive motivation for learning and actively develop the logic, memory, attention, and intelligence of children.

The material consists of 10 lessons and additional homework exercises (128 pages).

Key topics:

  • Mental counting
  • Counting on the abacus
  • Addition & Subtraction (3-4-digit numbers)
  • Multiplication of multi-digit numbers
  • Division of multi-digit numbers
  • Division with a remainder
  • Divisibility rules
  • Fractions on a number line
  • Fraction of a number
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Multiply a fraction by the whole number
  • Compare fractions
  • Mixed numbers
  • Word problems
  • Logical reasoning problems
  • Variables
  • Equations with variables
  • Place values
  • Rounding
  • Order of operations with parentheses
  • Lines
  • Line segments
  • Rays
  • Pictographs
  • Memory & logic training

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2 reviews for Math workbook grade 3 (8+ yo). Math and mental arithmetic: Part 5. Multiplication & division; fractions; Equivalent fractions; Fraction of a number; Multiply a fraction by the whole number; Improper fractions; Word problems; Variables; Equations with variables; Rounding; Order of operations; Logic

  1. Sonia

    I got these for my nieces to catch them up with their math during this whole COVID shutdown. These math books are great. They can review what they know, and practice.

  2. Maria

    I think this is a great book to supplement the regular school curriculum. The lessons progress rapidly. In our school curriculum, we review concepts regularly so that they are understood and practiced.

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