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This workbook contains exercises that improve children’s multiplication and division skills, solve word problems, work with Integers, repeat place values, and rounding. Although the workbook has many fractions and decimals problems: find equivalent fractions; convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa; add and subtract decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers; compare decimals; add and subtract like, unlike fractions, and mixed numbers.

Students learn the beginning of geometry, find a circumference, a perimeter, and an area of compound shapes, rehearse the order of operations, and work with table data. In addition, some problems help to improve memory and logical thinking.

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A feature of our workbooks is the symbiosis of mental arithmetic and classical mathematics.

Mental arithmetic represents a UNIQUE method of teaching children that trains the speed of perception and processing of information and allows them to harmoniously develop both hemispheres of the brain at the same time by mentally visualizing the calculations on the abacus. A developed brain provides a basis for successful subsequent activities.

With the help of our workbook «Math + MA: Part 3» children repeat the techniques for fast mental counting, counting on the abacus, multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, including division with a remainder, solving words, money, logic problems. Children learn to work with fractions and decimals: find equivalent fractions; convert improper fractions into mixed numbers; convert decimals into fractions or mixed numbers and vice versa; compare decimals; write and solve variable expressions with decimals; add and subtract decimals, like fractions, unlike fractions, and mixed numbers.

Children learn Integers numbers, learn to operate with Integers: add, subtract, compare Integers, convert a number into its expanded form, repeat place values and rounding, repeat order of operations, find an area and a perimeter of compound shapes.

In addition, students learn to prime factorize a number, find factors of a number, and work with table data. Plus, children acquire the beginning of Geometry: draw and name lines, line segments, rays; draw and measure angles; classify triangles.

Our colorful workbook and the style of providing exercises allow children to acquire the material easily and hassle-free. The workbook contains many problems that create positive motivation for learning and actively develop the logic, memory, attention, and intelligence of children.

The material consists of 10 lessons and additional homework exercises (116 pages).

Key topics:

  • Mental counting
  • Counting on the abacus
  • Multiplication of multi-digit numbers
  • Long division of multi-digit numbers with and without remainder
  • Factors and prime factorizing
  • Place values
  • Rounding
  • Integers: positive and negative numbers
  • Add/subtract Integers
  • Compare Integers
  • An expanded form of a number
  • Order of operations
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Add/subtract like and unlike fractions
  • Add/subtract mixed numbers
  • Convert mixed numbers into decimals
  • Convert decimals into mixed numbers
  • Compare decimals
  • Add/subtract decimals
  • Equations with decimals
  • Word problems
  • Circle and circumference
  • Lines
  • Line segments
  • Rays
  • Angles
  • Classifying triangles
  • Table data
  • Area of compound shapes
  • Perimeter of compound shapes
  • Memory & logic training

2 reviews for Math workbook grade 4. Math + MA. Part 3. Decimals; Fractions and mixed numbers; Equivalent fractions; Factors and prime factorizing; Integers; Rounding; Word problems; Area and perimeter; Lines, segments, rays, and angles; Triangles; Memory & logic

  1. Natalia

    We have been working on these materials for several years now. Really like. I recommend it to everyone

  2. Amelia

    I use it in my work, it helps children a lot in developing mathematical skills

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