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This workbook contains tables for abacus counting, exercises that improve children’s metal counting skills, and logical thinking. Children rotate 2D and 3D shapes, divide and multiply multi-digit numbers, solve equations, and find areas and perimeters of compound shapes.

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Mental Math and Abacus. Part 2

The primary goal of Mental arithmetic is synchronous development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, development of figurative thinking, visual memory, concentration, mental abilities, and intelligence of children. Quick mental counting is one of the most convenient but most effective ways to achieve that. It is a simulator for achieving this goal.

This workbook represents the second step in mastering mental arithmetic using an abacus. Students get acquainted with the abacus, learn how to dial numbers on an abacus, master simple addition and subtraction operations, and learn to follow formulas (-1= – 5+4; -2= -5+3; -3= -5+2; -4= -5+1).

The notebook contains problems that help to improve memory and attention. Children solve logical problems, equations, Einstein’s problems, find analogies and continue patterns, repeat multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers.

2 reviews for Mental Math Workbook Year 1 (11-15 years old). Mental Arithmetic & Logic. Part 2. Mental counting; Counting on the abacus; Addition & Subtraction; Logical reasoning problems; Coordinate plane; Memory & logic training

  1. Elena

    Great help in studying. I recommend to everyone.

  2. Nelly

    I use it for extra work.

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