Weight Measurements. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)

Weight Measurements. Math Worksheets grades 2-3 (age 7+)


2nd Grade Measurement Worksheets

  • reading scales (metric and customary units)
  • comparing the weight of objects
  • estimating weight
  • balancing scale
  • weight-related word problems
  • 31 pages



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Balance Weight Scale: Metric and Customary Weight Units

This set of 2nd-grade measurement worksheets focuses on learning about weight measurement. The set includes exercises on both metric and customary units of weight.

Children aged 7 are familiar with comparing weight using “lighter” and “heavier.” With this set, they learn how to read scales, estimate and write the weight of objects using metric and customary units, and convert one weight unit into another.

Students also learn how to find the lightest and heaviest object, balance scales, and solve weight-related word problems.

We include logic problems to make it interesting and challenging. Children must balance the scales and find the weight of objects in non-standard units.

The set consists of 31 pages and aims to make weight measurement exciting and challenging.

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