2nd Grade Measurement Worksheets

  • measuring objects in/cm
  • estimating length or height
  • measure the length in non-standard units
  • compare lengths of objects
  • length related word problems
  • converting units of length
  • 32 pages


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Metric and Customary Units of Length

This set of 2nd-grade measurement worksheets focuses on measuring length. The set includes metric and customary units of length worksheets.

The primary focus is the development of spatial representations and practical drawing skills: working with a ruler and tape measure. Children measure the length of objects (to the nearest half of an inch or centimeter), record the measurement results, and practically apply these skills in life situations.

These Metric and Customary Units of Length Worksheets contain tasks in which the students must consider and write down the length of various objects. To make it interesting and practical, we have mixed problems that require measuring in inches, centimeters, or non-standard units.

Students identify the difference in length of two objects, place objects in order based on size (longest to shortest or shortest to longest), and decide how the lengths of two objects relate to one another based on a third object’s length.

Also, students measure and compare the lengths of polygonal chains, learn to draw line segments of the given length and solve length-related word problems.

32 pages

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