• place value of 3-digit numbers
  • composing/decomposing multi-digit numbers
  • standard, expanded, and word forms of number
  • number sequences (addition or subtraction)
  • skip-counting
  • even and odd numbers
  • 26 pages


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Place Value Math Worksheets for 1st and 2nd grades

These place value worksheets for 1st grade help children learn how to form multi-digit numbers. The advanced math worksheets for grade 1 are available as PDF file or a hard copy.

It is critical not only to teach children to count but also to show them how numbers are formed. Students learn to read and write multi-digit numbers using tens, ones, and hundreds.

Our place value worksheets for 1st grade help students understand the base 10 number system by composing and decomposing numbers into their base 10 components. Students started by composing and decomposing 2-digit numbers and then worked with 3-digit numbers.

Kids learn to build two- to three-digit numbers by combining the digits in the hundreds, tens, and ones places, paying attention to their position in the number. Partition the numbers as hundreds, tens, and ones in the first part and put them together in the next to understand their place value. Solving the problems from these worksheets is excellent practice for improving students’ math skills.

Students learn to convert numbers from the standard form to the expanded form and vice versa.

Plus, our advanced math worksheets grade 1 provide exercises in identifying and extending number patterns or identifying the missing number in a pattern. All patterns are based on simple addition or subtraction. Some “2 steps” patterns are given in for a challenge. We use only numbers up to 100 into number patterns problems.

In addition, students repeat and reinforce even and odd numbers.

26 pages

Common Core Math Standards:

  • 1.NBT.2; 1.NBT.3; 1.NBT.4; 1.NBT.5; 1.NBT.6;
  • 2.NBT.1; 2.NBT.2; 2.NBT.3; 2.NBT.4; 2.NBT.5; 2.NBT.6; 2.NBT.7; 2.NBT.8; 2.NBT.9;

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