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  • telling time on analog clocks
  • time unit conversion
  • reading calendar
  • elapsed time
  • 61 pages


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Analog Clocks Math Worksheets for 1st and 2nd graders

With these Time and Analog Clocks Worksheets for 1st grade, you can teach children to tell time, read the calendar, and recognize the days of the week. These math worksheets for grade 1 are available as PDF files or hard copies.

Inside the worksheets:

  • reading time on the analog clock
  • draw the correct time (clock hands) on a blank template
  • time units (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
  • estimate time to the day, hour, minute
  • am & pm
  • finding elapsed time (word problems)
  • days of the week and months of the year

Using our time worksheets, 1st and 2nd-grade children learn to read a clock and tell time with an accuracy of 5 minutes. It is necessary to focus on the formation of essential knowledge and skills, make sure the students know the units of time, determine the time by hours and minutes, and know how to record time.

In addition, students learn to write time in words and estimate if the real-life actions take less than or more than a day, hour, or minute.

Our fun-filled analog clock worksheet helps to build time recognition skills using attractive charts and exercises. We added many blank clock faces so children could practice drawing clockhands and reading time using 12-hour notation. Also, children estimate time and use appropriate time units, memorize the order of days of week and month of a year, read a calendar, and calculate elapsed time.

61 pages

Common Core Math Standards:

  • 1.MD.3;
  • 2.MD.7; 2.MD.8;

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3 reviews for Math Worksheets Grade 1: Time and Analog Clocks (age 6+)

  1. Eva

    Got this for my 6 year old to teach her about telling time and she enjoys every minute of it! She is never bored and enjoys the various activities in the book. It is definitely something parents have to work with along side their children, so it is consistently challenging. I would recommend this for those looking to teach the concept of time, how to tell time, and how keep track of time.

  2. Tara M.

    This is really helping my daughter who was struggling with time telling. She showed it to her teacher and her teacher was impressed with it.

  3. Angela

    I bought this book to help my son who regressed a little bit with telling time. It has plenty of practice pages which helped him so much especially because resources are limited as far as having time worksheets online. He’s still working in it and I can see a big improvement!

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