Math Worksheets Grade 1: Measurement (age 6+)

Math Worksheets Grade 1: Measurement (age 6+)

Math Worksheets Grade 1: Measurement (age 6+)


Students measure objects with a ruler in inches and centimeters, compare weight and capacity, and solve length word problems.

29 pages


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Measurements: Length, Weight, Temperature, Capacity

The primary focus of the measurement worksheets for grade 1 is the development of spatial representations and practical drawing skills. These math grade 1 practice worksheets are available as PDF file or a hard copy.

We include plenty of exercises in which students must consider, measure, and write down the length of various objects. While completing tasks, students measure the length of objects and record the measurement results using different units.

  • measure with a ruler (in and cm)
  • measure in non-standard units
  • compare length
  • compare weight
  • read thermometer
  • compare capacity
  • length-related word problems

Using measurement worksheets for grade 1, students learn to identify which of two objects is longer or shorter, place objects in order based on length (longest to shortest or shortest to longest), and decide how the lengths of two objects relate to one another based on a third object’s length.

Plus, students learn to compare objects’ weight and capacity, find the length of a line segment and polygonal chain, and solve length-related word problems.

29 pages


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