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The workbook contains exercises that develop children’s ability to add and subtract numbers up to 10. Kids learn to add and subtract numbers on an abacus, mentally, and with a number line, learn to compare amounts of objects and numbers, and solve one-step addition and subtraction problems.

In addition, the workbook has many exercises that help improve children’s memory and logical abilities.

85 pages

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PreK and K Math Workbook. Part 1

We’ve developed these pre k math worksheets as a supplementary resource for teachers and parents who preschool math at home. A solid mathematical foundation, coupled with cognitive development activities for preschoolers, cultivates logical and analytical thinking skills.

This workbook teaches children how to count, compare, add, and subtract using tangible objects. It also shows how to place and arrange numbers on a number line. This is a crucial step in understanding addition and subtraction concepts.

Recognizing the importance of fine motor skills development, we’ve included tracing numbers and tracing lines practice. Children typically enjoy these activities and engage with them enthusiastically.

What is inside?

You’ll find lots of math activities for preschoolers, like:

  • Addition and subtraction within 10
  • Addition and subtraction using a number line
  • Counting and coloring the correct number of objects
  • Comparing groups of objects
  • Tracing lines and numbers, including number words
  • Picture-based problem-solving
  • Identifying objects that do not belong to a group
  • Maze-solving
  • Connecting dots to reveal pictures

We strongly believe in fostering positive motivation throughout the learning journey. Therefore, these pre k math worksheets are filled with colorful illustrations, mazes, and puzzles. Through specially designed exercises, children accompany the math rabbit Shoosha, who resides on a number line, and learn to translate mathematical concepts and symbols into engaging short stories.

Whether you’re a preschool teacher or a parent looking for tailored math at home for preschoolers resources, this workbook provides a rich array of engaging math activities specifically designed to aid in the cognitive development of 4-year-olds.

The material consists of 6 lessons and additional exercises for homework to repeat.

85 pages

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2 reviews for Pre-K Math Worksheets. Fun math. Part 1

  1. Stephen

    My son is 3 years old, he is learning numbers and now we are working on this book. Really like it.

  2. Alice

    My daughter is a little over 4. We use it twice a week. I recommend it to everyone.

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