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This workbook contains exercises that develop and improve children’s mental counting skills, ability to add and subtract vertically with regrouping; solve word, money, and time problems; solve equations; find a perimeter and an area. The workbook has a lot of fractions problems: add and subtract like fractions, compare fractions, turn improper fractions into mixed numbers.
Children learn to round numbers, determine even and odd numbers, multiply numbers, work with number lines and number sequences. In addition, there are problems that help to improve memory and logical thinking.

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Math Workbook for 2nd Graders. Part 5

With the help of the workbook «Entertaining Math 7+: Part 5» children learn the techniques of quick mental counting and counting with abacus; practice to add and subtract vertically with and without regrouping; solve two steps word problems; count money and solve money problems; solve elapsed time problems. Also, children determine and write the number of equal parts as a fraction, add and subtract like fractions, compare fractions, learn proper and improper fractions, mixed numbers, convert improper fractions into mixed numbers. 

Students learn to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand, solve two-steps equations, work with coordinate planes, make and continue patterns and number sequences, find a perimeter and an area of two-dimensional shapes. Children learn multiplication tables and solve problems that require multiplication, make fact families, recognize even and odd numbers, read table data and solve problems.

The colorful workbook and the style of having exercises in the form of games let children learn the material easily and hassle-free. In addition, the workbook contains a lot of funny pictures and interesting tasks that create positive motivation for learning and actively develop the logical thinking, memory, attention, and intelligence of children.

The material consists of 10 lessons plus additional homework exercises (106 pages)

Main topics:

  • Mental Math
  • Abacus
  • Addition & Subtraction with regrouping
  • Even & Odd numbers
  • Multiplication Tables
  • Word Problems
  • Elapsed Time
  • Money Problems
  • Add / Subtract Fractions
  • Compare Fractions
  • Mixed Numbers
  • Improper Fractions
  • Place Values
  • Rounding
  • Equations
  • Number Sequences
  • Fact Families
  • Coordinate Plane
  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Patterns
  • Memory & Logic training.

106 pages

Common Core Covered Topics:

  • 2.OA.1; 2.OA.2; 2.OA.3; 2.OA.4;
  • 2.NBT.1; 2.NBT.2; 2.NBT.3; 2.NBT.4; 2.NBT.5; 2.NBT.6; 2.NBT.7; 2.NBT.8; 2.NBT.9;
  • 2.MD.1; 2.MD.2; 2.MD.3; 2.MD.7; 2.MD.8; 2.MD.9; 2.MD.10;
  • 2.G.1; 2.G.2; 2.G.3;

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  1. Everly

    There are many logical tasks in the books, it helps to develop the child very well

  2. Emily

    The books contain all sections of the school curriculum. Excellent material

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