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The workbook includes a variety of puzzles and exercises to improve children’s thinking skills, attention, memory, and cognitive abilities. It’s an engaging resource for developing your child’s logic, memory, attention, and intelligence.

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Logic Problems (ages 11-14). Part-3

It is the third part of logic puzzles for middle school workbooks. Most parents and teachers know that developing analytical, abstract, and critical thinking skills is extremely important for children.

The problem is that children usually do not like to solve math problems to improve these skills, but they love to solve puzzles, mazes, and brain teasers. We have successfully combined these activities and are ready to share them!

This workbook contains problems that help improve attention, memory, and cognitive abilities. It also includes many exercises for developing and enhancing logical, analytical, and abstract thinking. Our workbook is more than just a collection of puzzles. It’s a tool for practical skill development.

By engaging with this workbook, children enhance their spatial intelligence through mental rotation of 2D and 3D shapes, projections of 3D shapes, and reflection of 2D shapes. These are not just abstract skills but practical abilities that can be applied in various real-life situations, making our workbook an invaluable asset for your child’s development.

Students can train and improve their analytical and logical thinking skills by solving anagrams, sudoku, Japanese crosswords, analogy puzzles, and Einstein’s riddles. We also include practical memory and attention training exercises and working with coordinate planes.

List of logic puzzles for middle school:

  • Analogy puzzles
  • Anagram puzzles
  • Sudoku
  • Japanese crosswords
  • Word search puzzles
  • Writing with both hands
  • Einstein’s riddles
  • Rotation of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Transformation of 2D shapes (translation, reflection, rotation)
  • Reflection of shapes over a point or a line
  • Division of shapes into equal parts

Prepare for a journey of discovery with our workbook! Filled with intriguing puzzles, captivating tasks, and unusual pictures, it creates a positive learning environment that develops your child’s logic, memory, attention, and intelligence. Get ready for a learning adventure like no other!

The material consists of 12 lessons (50 pages).

By using our materials, kids can develop essential skills such as:

  • Mental counting while solving math problems
  • Photographic memory and spatial orientation
  • Logical, critical, and analytical thinking
  • The ability to concentrate and focus attention
  • Belief in their ability to solve problems, leading to greater self-esteem and improved focus on the result
  • Increased artistic potential and creative thinking

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1 review for Logic workbook. Logic and out-of-the-box thinking (ages 11-14). Part 3

  1. Val

    Very helpful! We are finishing part 2 right now and I’m so glad we got this book for our kid!

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