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The workbook contains exercises that improve children’s cognitive abilities, memory, attention, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. Students learn to work with coordinate planes, rotate 3D shapes, and draw symmetric shapes.

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Logic Problems (ages 11-14). Part 1

This workbook includes math puzzles designed for middle school students. While children may not typically enjoy solving math problems, they often love working on mazes, puzzles, and brain teasers. We’ve combined these activities successfully and are excited to share them with you!

Using this workbook, students learn to visualize, rotate, and transform 3D shapes, draw symmetric shapes on a plane, and divide solid shapes into several identical parts. We also include math problems and puzzles for middle school that require work with coordinate planes. In addition, the workbook contains exercises to improve short-term memory and attention.

Our workbook is more than just a learning tool; it’s a source of positive motivation. With amusing pictures and engaging tasks, it develops children’s logic, memory, attention, and intelligence. It makes learning a joyful experience and fosters your child’s love for learning.

The material consists of 12 lessons (63 pages).

By using our materials, kids can develop essential skills such as:

  • Mental counting while solving math problems
  • Photographic memory and spatial orientation
  • Logical, critical, and analytical thinking
  • The ability to concentrate and focus attention
  • Belief in their ability to solve problems, leading to greater self-esteem and improved focus on the result
  • Increased artistic potential and creative thinking

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3 reviews for Logic workbook. Logic and out-of-the-box thinking (ages 11-14). Part 1

  1. Ella

    This workbook is like a mental gym! The exercises challenge the brain in exciting ways. I’ve become better at logical reasoning, spotting patterns, and thinking critically doing it with my son :). Plus, the gradual difficulty progression keeps it engaged.

  2. Kelly

    My daughter used to find logic puzzles intimidating, but this workbook changed that. She’s now confident in tackling coordinate planes, rotating 3D shapes, and drawing symmetric figures. It’s a fantastic resource for developing spatial reasoning skills.

  3. Alice

    I have a very intelligent granddaughter who is almost eleven and she LOVES these kinds of books. It looks like this book will have some easy and some challenging sections, which is perfect to keep her busy.
    I got this as an extra little Easter gift. The paper quality is excellent. I recommend this book.

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