Math Worksheets Grade 1: Time (age 6+)

Math Worksheets Grade 1: Time (age 6+)

Math Worksheets Grade 1: Time (age 6+)


  • telling time on analog clocks
  • time unit conversion
  • reading calendar
  • elapsed time
  • 61 pages


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Time and Clock. Math worksheets for 1st and 2nd graders

With these time worksheets for 1st grade, you can teach children to tell time, read the calendar, and recognize the days of the week. These math worksheets for grade 1 are available as PDF file or a hard copy.

Inside the worksheets:

  • read a traditional (analog) clock face
  • draw the given time using clock hands
  • time units (minutes, hours, days, weeks)
  • estimate time to the day, hour, minute
  • am & pm
  • elapsed time
  • days of the week and months of the year

Using our time worksheets for 1st grade children learn to tell time with an accuracy of 5 minutes. It is necessary to focus on the formation of essential knowledge and skills, make sure the students know the units of time, can determine the time by hours and minutes, know how to record time, and use clock hands to indicate time.

In addition, students learn to write time in words and estimate if the real-life actions take less than or more than a day, hour, or minute.

Our fun-filled time math worksheet grade 1 are made to build time recognition skills using attractive charts and exercises to estimate time and use appropriate time units, memorize the order of days of week and month of a year, read a calendar, and solve time problems.

61 pages


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