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The workbook focuses on training memory, logic, comparison, classification, determining cause and effect, finding differences, and improving critical thinking skills.

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Logic Problems Workbook (ages 7-9).

The logic problems book contains various math puzzles designed for kids. Its primary focus is to teach children fundamental thinking principles such as:

  • comparison
  • classification
  • determining cause and effect
  • finding differences
  • and thinking logically

By implementing these practices, children develop math intuition and learn to apply their existing knowledge. This process helps improve attention, reduces “careless” mistakes, enhances logical thinking, and promotes effective problem-solving.

Our logic problems book is more than just another educational resource. It is a structured learning tool that gradually increases the difficulty of the problems, ensuring continuous growth. By engaging in daily exercises for 20-25 minutes, children can make significant progress over 21 days.

We have included a wide variety of math puzzles in this workbook. We have also made our problems fun and engaging to keep children in a positive mood and make the work exciting. The workbook also features plenty of pictures and engaging questions, serving as positive motivators for learning.

Through our methods, many teaching centers, educators, tutors, and parents have been able to help children learn 7-10 times faster than the traditional school system. Our workbooks have also helped children pass the “gifted and talented” test easily.

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2 reviews for Logic and out-of-the-box thinking (ages 7-9). Part 1

  1. Stella

    Logic is very important. Great book for 7 year olds.

  2. Olga

    The best book! I recommend it to everyone.

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