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The workbook contains exercises that help children memorize digits 5 and 6, learn to write them, find them among the others, and connect the number of objects with the written number. In addition, the workbook includes tracing numbers worksheets, exercises and math activities for preschoolers that help improve children’s memory and logical abilities.

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Learning Numbers 5 and 6. Math Workbook for Preschool and Kindergarten

Introducing our workbook with number math activities for preschoolers, “Learning Numbers 5 & 6”. It is the perfect tool to ignite a love for math in 3- to 4-year-olds. Children learn numbers 5 and 6 using pictures and counting objects. They also practice tracing the numbers on the tracing numbers worksheets.

We include many fun exercises and colorful problems, so children enjoy learning. Inside this math workbook for preschoolers, you will find the following math activities:

  • Tracing numbers practice
  • Solve number mazes
  • Identify shapes (finding shadows)
  • Count objects
  • Color by numbers
  • Practice tracing lines
  • Find differences in pictures

We’ve packed this workbook with activities that help kids remember, write, and even use these digits on an abacus.

Additionally, we guide little ones through addition and subtraction, ensuring they grasp the concepts.

We’ve included plenty of line and number tracing practice to help children develop fine motor skills. By encouraging the use of both hands for improved coordination, we aim to enhance children’s fine motor skills development.

Our Number Math Activities for Preschoolers workbook is brimming with vibrant pictures and engaging tasks designed to keep kids motivated and eager to learn. We’re dedicated to creating a positive learning environment and enhancing logical thinking, memory, attention, and intelligence along the way.

2 reviews for Math Preschool Number Worksheets. Learning numbers 5&6

  1. Sophia

    We started to use these books when our oldest son was 2 years old. Then we use them with other kids 3-4 more times while they were growing. Every time it was fun and interesting!

  2. Anna

    Good day. I bought several books for my 3-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. Thank you very much for your wonderful books.

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