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Working with the worksheets helps children to perceive what an “equation” is and what “solving an equation” means.

  • ​​​​​​​34 pages
  • addition and subtraction within 30
  • finding missing components of addition and subtraction equations


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Components of Addition and Subtraction

These addition and subtraction worksheets for grades 1 and 2 help students understand the number system and the concepts of equations and expressions. We specially designed these grade 1-2 math worksheets and included problems that improve children’s counting skills. With this set, students build a strong understanding of addition and subtraction equations and learn to use the properties of addition.

By age 6, most children can add and subtract within 30. But, many still need help finding the missing addend or minuend. The worksheets help students understand how to find missing parts of addition and subtraction equations. Children rehearse comparing numbers and expressions. They also repeat place values, including ones and tens.

Students practice solving equations based on whole-part relationships.

The worksheets offer a structured approach for students to

  • enhance understanding of addition and subtraction equations
  • three levels of difficulty for progressive learning
  • ideal for first- and second-grade students
  • develop critical problem-solving skills

Working on these worksheets, children develop critical problem-solving skills. They solve subtraction problems, add numbers, and compare numbers to determine which number is greater. Students also learn about addition’s properties, such as its commutative and associative properties.

By practicing these worksheets, students improve their counting skills and learn to spot true and false statements.

The worksheets help parents and teachers by offering an engaging way to reinforce and improve children’s math skills. It’s a stepping stone, preparing children for more advanced concepts.

34 pages

Common Core Math Standards:

  • 1.OA.1; 1.OA.2; 1.OA.3; 1.OA.4; 1.OA.5; 1.OA.6; 1.OA.7; 1.OA.8;
  • 1.NBT.1; 1.NBT.2; 1.NBT.3; 1.NBT.4; 1.NBT.5; 1.NBT.6;
  • 2.OA.2;

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4 reviews for Math Worksheets Grade 1: Addition and Subtraction Equations (age 6+)

  1. Lexi

    This workbook is perfect for 1st grade. It is a great refresher for summer of kids going into second. Very well pleased! Highly recommend!

  2. Oria

    Excellent workbook for my child since kindergarten preparing him for first grade.

  3. Elaine

    Great for extra practice and range of skills

  4. Deborah P.

    This is my very favorite and the kids love it too!

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