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This workbook contains exercises that develop and improve children’s ability to memorize and use multiplication tables to solve math problems. The workbook has additional exercises that make the learning process fun and interesting. Also, the workbook contains problems that help to improve memory and logical thinking.

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Learning Multiplication and Division Facts

Multiplication and Division Facts Worksheets are designed to help children memorize and master Times Tables facts.

We understand that memorizing these facts can be challenging for kids, so parents and teachers put in a lot of effort to show children the practical value of learning this table for their future.

We start with a straightforward explanation of multiplication and how it works, using skip-counting on a number line to help children use addition to find the correct multiplication fact.

We strongly believe that positive motivation is a critical factor in education. Therefore, we include engaging exercises that enable children to grasp the material quickly and develop an appreciation for mathematics.

Our Multiplication and Division Facts Worksheets help children memorize multiplication and division facts simultaneously. The word problems engage children in practicing their knowledge in real-life situations. To make it even more attractive, we include problems about birds, gnomes, snails, etc.

The system of additional exercises leads to the development of mental abilities such as memory, attention, imagination, logical and spatial thinking, and artistic abilities. These exercises include:

  • Line tracing (fine motor skills development and attention training)
  • Finding differences (attention training)
  • Picture puzzle (logical thinking, analyzing, attention training)
  • Drawing a monster with given characteristics (imagination and creativity development)

Instead of tedious, repetitive memorization, children understand and quickly memorize multiplication facts. Engaging exercises allow learners to acquire the material speedily and appreciate math for what it is, rather than just tedious repetitive memorization.

Overall, the workbook is an excellent resource for parents and teachers. The contents naturally integrate into school curricula and fit into any education program.

For additional practice and rehearsing multiplication/division facts, we recommend using our Basic Multiplication and Division Word Problems Worksheets.

2 reviews for Times Tables for Beginners with Word Problems

  1. Gianna

    We highly recommend including these workbooks in the educational process.

  2. Layla

    The book contains many tasks on the use of the multiplication table. Excellent material, I recommend it to everyone.

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