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The easiest way to learn is to learn it while practicing! That is why we created this workbook. Children not only repeat and memorize multiplication tables but immediately use this knowledge to solve different problems. The learning process goes easier, children memorize faster and retain information for a longer time.

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Multiplication Facts Workbook (ages 8-9)

In any beginner math course, a big chunk of time is spent on learning multiplication tables. It’s not a secret that memorizing times tables isn’t fun for kids. Teachers and parents put a lot of work to convince children that memorizing multiplication tables is a necessity and will be profitable later in school and entire life.

Multiplication tables are hard for children, so a big part of the training is spent on making it easier to memorize them. It is critical that children experience the joy of figuring out ideas on their own, form self-esteem, trust in their own abilities, and do not lose their learning curiosity. 

The material is recommended for the self-training of third and fourth graders. The contents naturally join into the school math program and children start to use it immediately.

The system of additional exercises leads to the development of mental abilities such as memory, attention, imagination, logical and spatial thinking, artistic abilities. Instead of tedious repetitive remembering, children understand, memorize, and use multiplication to solve problems.

Interesting exercises allow children to learn quickly and appreciate math.

3 reviews for Multiplication tables in 12 lessons. Math workbook for 8-9 years old, times tables with word problems

  1. Elena

    The product arrived ahead of time!!! Everything is well packaged! Excellent book, Recommend for everybody!

  2. Zoey

    Lots of multiplication and division tasks. Thanks to the authors!

  3. Layla

    Great content book!

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