Free math practice worksheets for 5 years old

Free math practice worksheets for 5 years old

Free math practice worksheets for 5 years old


The printable worksheets material contains mathematics exercises for children of 5 years old. All tasks are prepared using the requirements of the US program. It includes the main types of tasks in mathematics for children 5 years old. Designed for teachers, students, and their parents



Mathematics, as an academic subject, contains all the necessary prerequisites for the development of children’s cognitive abilities, forms and improves such forms of thinking as a comparison, analysis, and synthesis; develops the ability to generalize and specify; creates conditions for correction of memory, attention and other important mental functions.


All these skills do not come by themselves, they need to be taught. And to help you and your children we specially developed “Free math practice worksheets for 5 years old”.

These worksheets are designed to train counting skills and develop basic knowledge of mathematics for children 5 years old.

The tasks are designed in a way that the child can easily learn:

  • count various objects and set the serial number of an object in the specified order of counting; perform addition and subtraction operations
  • write down, compare (using the comparison signs “>”, “<“, “=”, the terms equality and inequality) and arrange numbers within 100
  • explain how numbers are formed in the number series, know the place of the number 0 on a number line; describe how the numbers of the second ten are formed from the first ten and several ones and what each digit in the record means
  • recognize a number sequence compiled according to a given rule, establish a rule according to which a given sequence of numbers is composed (increase or decrease a number by several units within 20), and continue it
  • classify numbers according to a given or independently established attribute
  • skip-count by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • understand the meaning of the arithmetic operations addition and subtraction, reflect it on diagrams and in mathematical records using math signs
  • perform addition and subtraction using the general method of addition (subtraction) in parts; perform addition using the commutative property of addition
  • perform subtraction using knowledge of the composition of numbers from two terms and the relationship between addition and subtraction (within 20)


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