At the age of 5, children get acquainted with such measures of time as hours, minutes, days of the week, days, and months of the year. For this age group, it is important to have an idea of the following: “older”, “younger”; “earlier”, “later”; “first”, “then”; “yesterday”, “today”, “tomorrow”, “the day after tomorrow”.
At the age of 5, children get acquainted with the calendar, which is necessary for observing nature.
Before the first grade, students should be able to tell the time using a clock to the nearest hour. At this same time, it is crucial to focus on the formation of the following basic knowledge and skills: whether the child knows the units of time, determines the time by the clock, knows how to record time and use clock hands to indicate time.
The test results showed a lack of formation of this indicator and the need to pay it special attention at this time.
To develop this skill, we recommend regular exercises with materials:

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