Free Fraction Worksheets for grades 3-4

Free Fraction Worksheets for grades 3-4

Free Fraction Worksheets for grades 3-4


This set of fractions worksheets for 3rd and 4th graders is a great resource to ensure the child understands fractions. We include the most common fractions problems, like adding/subtracting fractions, converting between improper and mixed fractions, and locating fractions on a number line.

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Free Fraction Worksheets for Grades 3-4

Our Free Fractions Worksheets for grades 3-4 glimpse the broader “Fraction and Decimals” set.

This set covers the following topics:

  • comparing fractions
  • identifying numerators and denominators
  • fractions on a number line
  • adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
  • types of fractions (proper, improper, mixed)
  • convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions
  • add and subtract decimals

These worksheets help students understand fractions, decimals, and fundamental mathematical concepts. They offer varied practice opportunities to reinforce critical skills and concepts, making them suitable for classroom use, homework assignments, or extra practice at home.

Free Fractions worksheets for 3rd graders are ready to download in PDF format!


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