Indicator “Numbers and calculations: Comparison”.
When determining this indicator, we use tasks that determine the development of the ability to compare objects by quantity; ability to work with the simplest schemes, understanding of abstract and figurative thinking, as well as contribute to the development of the ability to explore and analyze vital sign-symbolic means for solving educational problems, and to the formation of an algorithm for comparing and classifying objects. Children independently determine (compare) from drawings, diagrams, expressions, and how many more, or less, objects there are.
According to the test results, a low level of this indicator was revealed. Unfortunately, the student does not sufficiently analyze the solution of problems for increasing or decreasing the number by several units, difference comparison, as well as finding the largest and smallest values. The test results show that it is difficult for him/her to determine the next and previous value.
To develop this skill, we recommend regular exercises with materials:

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